On The Hunt

Since coming back from Houston my days have been full of catching up on work and apartment hunting. I forgot how crazy apartment hunting is in LA, I’m pretty sure we’ve seen about 100 apartments! Ok I lie, but it definitely feels like it. Either the parking situations not right, the price isn’t right, or […]

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Tickled Pink

So excited it’s finally (semi) jacket weather in LA. I may not be able to wear my coats just yet but I’m happy I can do some light layering with a jacket. It’s funny that what’s considered “cold” and jacket weather in LA is weather we would be wearing shorts and tank tops in back […]

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While going to fetch the bf in Houston we had a debate about this outfit. I said it’s just a casual look and he said I’m ready to go to the club. I think it’s funny the way men and women view women’s fashion. To me this is a totally casual look I wore to […]

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Middle of Nowhere

Our road trip from Houston to Los Angeles was a whole lotta NOTHING! I wish I could say I saw the most amazing things but the climax of excitement was getting pummeled by a tumble weed. This was the first time visiting anywhere in the middle of the country so I guess I can check […]

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Usually when traveling I’m in my most comfortable clothes which usually entails an oversized shirt and pants with a lot of stretch because I hate being cramped in a little airport seat and I need to be able to be relaxed as much a possible. In this moment comfort trumps fashion. But believe it or […]

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