Top Benefits of African Black Soap

I was perusing the shelves of Walgreens when I saw that Shea Moisture (my favorite) has African Black Soap bars and bodywash. I used to use an African Black soap bodywash gifted from a friend and I was obsessed with because it really healed my skin from damage I did to it. But then I […]

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Walgreens Photo

During Coachella season, I attended the POPSUGAR party at the Avalon hotel. The event was so cool and full of little nooks and crannies of different places to explore. My favorite was this little room that projected colorful shadows against a white backdrop. Needless to say I had way too much fun in that room making shadows. […]

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  T minus I don’t know how many days until I head to Palm Springs again. (3) lol I’m so behind on posting that I literally am just posting my last trip to Palm Springs right now. I’m going to doing lots of things with Hyatt Hotels so stay tuned on my snapchat: @missenocha for […]

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Day 1

I quit my job today…. Today is Day 1 of 100% pursuing my dreams and goals. Although I still will be phasing myself out of the position my freedom already feels like it’s back. Let me tell you something. I have been contemplating this day for a few months now and the only thing stopping […]

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Crown Braids

You ever want to try a trend so bad and when you finally do your like “eh, don’t think this is for me” Thats how I feel about these brown braids. Maybe it was a failed attempt on my part, maybe I’m crazy and too critical but although I DO like them on me, but […]

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