Maxi Tank

I never wear maxi dresses, I’m just not into them for some reason. Maybe they’re a little too girly for my taste, but when I came across this Maxi tank I was like yup! It’s surprisingly versatile and lightweight. Only thing is my shorty self will always need to wear heels with it or it’ll drag […]

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Cotton Candy Carnival

I have been to Santa Monica Pier a million times but to say that I actually ventured in a little more and paid attention to all these cute little carnival games they have set up would be a lie. I traveled out here with Cynthia whom I met through my sister and is a fellow East […]

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Mesh Panels

It wasn’t until I went to name this post I realized I had mesh panels not only in my shorts but in my shoes and apparently that’s where its at right now. Just like that, a new phase is born where I’m into mesh cutouts. Missguided seems to be my go to place to fulfill […]

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30 Second Songs: Falling For You

Lyrics: You walked up to me and you said your name I watched you smile as you joked with me And suddenly It came to me I thought the broken hearted part of me was hard to break but you made it easy And honestly for the first time in a while I think I’m […]

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Let The Sunshine In

I usually deal well with the heat but lately I have been suffering. Like just uncomfortable and “glistening” more than I’d like which makes getting dressed feel like a chore sometimes. But rompers always come to the rescue. It’s one step dressing and I’m all about that lately. And to immediately contradict myself my new […]

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