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Bodycon means embracing your body. All those curves have nowhere to hide. But lately I couldn’t even hide them if I tried. I used to be such a skinny minnie then 25 came and BAM! woman. I’m learning to embrace it everyday but sad I can’t eat all those cupcakes like I used to. Wearing: […]

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Hairy Skirt

I finally organized my clothes in my drawers and realized I own over 20 bodysuits. But I ain’t mad at it. Wearing: 2020Ave bodysuit, skirt, Just Fab heels

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Usually bodycon is my thing but once in a while I just need the room to not stuck in, you feel me? Someone pointed out that they did not like this look on me and all I can do is laugh and appreciate that fashion is subjective and we are all entitled to our opinions. […]

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Style Challenge

Fall style is bringing out the hats, the fur, and the closed toe shoes. Although we don’t get a real Fall in LA it’s fun to dress the part (even if you are a little hot by mid day) I’ve really been into the oversized trend and cropped trousers. For some reason I was drawn […]

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My Eyebrow Routine

I have to admit I was never that big into eyebrows. I stopped getting them done probably around 8 years ago after a girl I worked with told me they looked weird. When I let them grow out I realized I actually had nice eyebrows (word of advice,  don’t let your daughter start to go […]

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