What Fringed Dreams Are Made Of

I had to wear this dress at Coachella when I saw it! And let me tell ya, double sided tape was my bff! Although this was more suited for the events than the festival because a girl’s gotta move and dance. This was so fun to wear, I just kept shaking the fringe. Wearing: Missguided […]

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The Edgy Princess

If I were a princess in a far far away land, this is what I would wear. I would be the coolest princess ever! Wearing: AMI clubwear swimsuit top, Missguided skirt SHOP THE LOOK:

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Messing Around

1 a.m. A couple moscow mules. Girl talk. And delirium. Wearing: Missguided bodysuit, Missguided fringe leather jacket

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Dear Men

I know a lot of men aren’t stopping by to read my blog but maybe if we can share this we can reach some of them. A recent encounter while shooting pictures left me a little shaken and annoyed with “men” I use quotations because I’m using this word very generally in categorizing, aka not […]

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See Through

A lot of people thought this was a swimsuit cover up but it’s a dress, a very revealing dress but you can put a tank top dress underneath for more coverage. Although during this time it did serve as both for me. Wore this in Palm Springs to stop by and support my friends at […]

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