12 Hours

Lately I’ve been spending 12 hour days in the studio trying to get these songs done for my EP. It’s funny that if I spent 12 hours doing pretty much anything else I would be miserable but because I get to sang I’m more than happy. My days are productive, I’m reaching my goals, and I […]

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Palm Springs Love

Seriously this view is everything. I’m all about scenery lately and California never stops giving it to me. My family is planning a trip here soon (can’t wait!) and my mom keeps talking about staying in Palm Springs. I keep telling her it’s a hike from LA but she’s determined for a getaway. One week […]

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Fringe Binge

Wore this on route to Coachella which I’m getting really sick of talking about slash seeing everywhere. I’m realizing I’m the kinda person that likes to be in the moment and when the moments over, I’m over it…But I have to admit it was a fun moment. Wearing: Grayson top, Steve Madden Perfeck studded sandals

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Random Facts

Confession: I’m obsessed with random facts. Facts you will never need to live a full life, facts you could die without and not miss out on pretty much anything. But nevertheless these facts make me smile inside and I love popping them into random conversations. I’m the queen on random knowledge, ask around… Just found […]

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LULU*s Coachella Day 2

Well now I’m happy to say that I can mark the Coachella experience off of my bucket list. Like most things in my life as of late it was a very surreal experience. Trying to cram so many things in a weekend was a little overwhelming but also a much needed break from reality. Next […]

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