Mesh Panels

It wasn’t until I went to name this post I realized I had mesh panels not only in my shorts but in my shoes and apparently that’s where its at right now. Just like that, a new phase is born where I’m into mesh cutouts. Missguided seems to be my go to place to fulfill […]

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30 Second Songs: Falling For You

Lyrics: You walked up to me and you said your name I watched you smile as you joked with me And suddenly It came to me I thought the broken hearted part of me was hard to break but you made it easy And honestly for the first time in a while I think I’m […]

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Let The Sunshine In

I usually deal well with the heat but lately I have been suffering. Like just uncomfortable and “glistening” more than I’d like which makes getting dressed feel like a chore sometimes. But rompers always come to the rescue. It’s one step dressing and I’m all about that lately. And to immediately contradict myself my new […]

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Studio Flow

Everyone keeps asking me when they are going to hear my new music and trust me I’m just as eager to show them as they are to listen but if there’s one serious thing I’ve learned this year is patience. As much as I want my music to come out NOW along with everything to […]

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100 Happy Days Update

Ok, so I’m not gonna lie, I kinda fell of with 100 Happy Days and when I first started I didn’t even keep track of the number. Sooo I started over. I’m currently on day 18 and it’s harder then you think to consciously realize the things in your day that make you happy. Makes […]

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