Why New York Has A Special Place In My Heart

DSC00006  DSC00011DSC09897 DSC09915 DSC09929 DSC09995Every time I come to NY it reminds me of how much of a city girl I am. I was born and raised in the Boston area and lived in the city all throughout college. Taking the train and walking miles a day were second nature to me. Don’t get me wrong, I love LA but the city will always have a special place in my heart.

Here are a few reasons why I love NY.

  1. I LOVE WALKING – Everyday I was in the city I walked about 8 miles. That’s insane to think about. Yes my feet did hurt but I’m sure my heart is very happy. It’s like you don’t even need to work out as much living in the city with all the walking!
  2. FOOD STORES STAY OPEN LATE– There’s not many places you can order food at 3am! My greedy side is always very happy here.
  3. THERE’S SO MUCH ENERGY IN THE AIR– NY is always bustling with people. There is just an energy in the air that makes you want to get up and do things!
  4. SO MANY PEOPLE FROM DIFFERENT BACKGROUNDS-This is one of my favorite parts. It’s rare you’re going to go somewhere in the city and not see someone who looks like you. There are so many people from all walks of life everywhere you go. I just love it!
  5. THE HUSTLE IS REAL– It is all about the grind out here. That’s the East Coast in me that I love. People are about their business and they don’t mess around.
  6. EASY TRANSPORTATION– Although the weekend trains are poo (so many delayss) I love that you have the option to walk, take an Lyft, or just hop on the train in NY.
  7. SO MANY PEOPLE WITH STYLE– I love love love people watching in NYC, there are so many people with their own unique individual style it’s inspiring to see people express themselves through clothes, that’s the reason I fell in love with fashion in the first place.

What’s funny is that when I lived in Boston people asked me if I was from NY and when I lived in LA people asked me if I was from NY. I think it’s a sign. I’m so happy in NY, I’ve met so many friends here that it makes my experience when I visit that much more fun.





A23C4483A23C4672 A23C4487 A23C4491 This just in! According to fashion week, prints are still going strong and I don’t know if it’s the energy in the air but I’m still loving a good print. I remember when I never wore anything of the sort. Only neutral I said and then one day the spirit hit me. A23C4652 A23C4661 What I love about this print trend is that it’s not traditional prints like stripes and polka dot. It’s obscure, abstract prints, artist like brush strokes and odd patterns and shapes. I’m really into these funky vibes. A23C4671

A23C4682I recently stepped into an H&M store and my mind was a little blown. I’m so used to shopping online that I forgot the feeling of instantly falling in love with apiece and getting to take it home that day. H&M’s collection only keeps getting better year after year. Let’s just say I’m semi to very obsessed.

Be sure to shop the H&M Studio AW’17 collection on September 14th!


WET SWIM: Summer’s Not Over

JH2A4193Contrary to all the Fall style out at the moment, it’s still technically still summer time! I had to hit the beach with Melissa in Malibu one last time before leaving LA. I partnered with Wet Swim to rock some of their pieces while we celebrated the end of summer and a new chapter!

JH2A4873 JH2A4346JH2A4392JH2A4565Summer is my favorite season. I’m a fish and LOVE to swim. I could swim all day long if the world would let me lol. The nice part is that tropical vacations in the Fall and Winter have become increasingly popular so cold weather doesn’t have to kill your vibe and you can rock a swimsuit on your next winter vacay.

JH2A4948 JH2A5011JH2A5029JH2A5457JH2A5548This swimsuit was my favorite. I love the patterned color under the bold black and white striped print. And the fit was super flattering on me. Even though I’ve always been small, I’ve never fully been comfortable with my body. Forget a two piece! I’m learning to embrace my flaws and just roll with it. You look as good as you feel…that’s my new motto.

JH2A5199JH2A5593If you live in warm weather year round, then Fall is irrelevant to you. Keep rocking that swimsuit girl!

Look 1: Faith top, Faith bottom, Sojin Pant

Look 2: Grace top, Grace bottom