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10 Things That Surprised Me About London

THE DIVERSITY. I knew London was diverse but geez louise! I’m pretty sure on a day to day I encounter someone from every continent in the world. It’s extremely facinating and comforting at the same time. I’ve never been in…


My First Full Day In Paris

Paris! I’m inside you! I spent my first full day in Paris today. I’ve never been to this city I’ve heard so much about so I’m excited to spend the next two weeks here. I’m really exhausted from traveling and…


Elan Cafe

Besides hibernating and avoiding the cold, I feel like these past few days I’ve just been eating in London. I love finding different cute cafes and boy is London full of them! Today I headed out with Andrea, @brasinailty,  to have…


Cereal Killer Cafe

Guyssssss I found the coolest cafe ever in London! My inner 5 year old was bouncing off the walls. On a random search I came across Cereal Killer Cafe  (clever name right?!) and knew I had to come here! This…



Am I the only one that likes to find cute coffee shops only to order tea? I don’t drink coffee but I can order a mean chai or turmeric latte. I found this cute little spot in Central London called…


The Subtle Art Of Not Freaking Out

Here I am, sitting with no heat or hot water while the 24 hour mark of bearing this cold is approaching. It’s not the same here in London where you can make a big stink about things and try to…


DIY: Wedding Shoes

Got a wedding but got a budget? These DIY wedding shoes are life savers!! If I were getting married I would love a pair like these but for now I’ll help out some future brides! If you already have a…


The Power of Faith

It’s funny how you can look at someone’s life and think they have it all together or say to yourself, “they are so lucky, I wish I could do what they do”  “If only I had money.” etc etc etc.…


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