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Alexander Wang- must haves

Loving that the Spring collections are hitting the stores now even though they’re little teasers because I will not be wearing anything sleeveless, strapless, or open-toe for a while. I’m obsessed with Alexander Wang anything but especially his shoes/accesories. I…


Polka Squared

So apparently I have a thing for polka dots ’cause here we go again. See orange really is growing on me. I seriously wouldn’t be caught dead in anything orange before. Could it be I’m maturing and learning to accept…


rag & bone- must haves

Here’s a few things I am currently loving at rag & bone: ¬†Marisfield Woven T, Cavendish Shirt, Jodhpur- Midnight, Classic Newbury Boot 1. I love how you can easily mix and match these pieces with anything to create the perfect…


Polka D.

Photos by Rosena ¬† H&M Coat, Sway Chic top, Rag and Bone Leggings, Nowhere shoes ¬† Can’t believe all this snow is pretty much gone already. This winter is really freaking me out but of course I love it.


30 Day Photo Challenge- Day 2 "Red"

So I decided to take part in a 30 day photo challenge with two friends. Everyday we have to take pictures of something specified on the list. Today was “red.” Yesterday was “myself,” I didn’t do a post about it…



I’ve been wanting to incorporate men’s fashion onto the blog for a while now and thus came the creation of “Mandays.” Every so often I will feature men from around the area and how they express themselves through fashion. First…


It’s Shopping Time!

On Twitter, I’ve been alluding to a special project I’ve been working on that pretty much took up a bulk of my winter break. Well after many long, crazy and sometimes frustrating days its finally done! Now you can raid…


Winter Wonderland

So it’s the first snow that has stuck around for longer than a day. I guess at some point it had to do it, but I was hoping for a snowless winter. Sometimes the fresh snow and trees make you…


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