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I finally gave in to summer today and it turned out to be a much cooler day than normal go figure. Still working on my fall wardrobe…I know I’m kinda early but I can’t help it. Snagged these lovely snake…


Pink Leopards

This is my default turban on a bad hair day…If I’m wearing a hat, braids or turban its probably one of thooose days. These Chloe x Opening Ceremony boots are surprisingly comfy. Walked all day in them and no complaints.…



Something about this skirt makes me feel like a super hero as I walk down the street. Maybe the way it blows behind me like a cape in the wind. Anyway, it put me in the mood to kick some…



Breaking in my new Acne Pixel booties…Can you tell I’m ready for fall wearing this DVF button down in 80 degree weather?! (And this is a cool day compared to the past few!!!) Times like these I wish I lived…


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