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Jessica Rabbit Makeup Halloween

I’ve always loved Jessica Rabbit from Roger Rabbit and even though I don’t celebrate Halloween, it was a good excuse to dress up and try something out there! SUBSCRIBE to get links of all the products I used!


A Rainy Day with Merrell Footwear

Sponsored by Zappos It seems as though we had be cursed. Every time we planned a day for apple picking with my nieces and nephews it RAINED. We would switch it to the next week and it would say clear…


DIY: 3D Floral Thigh High Boots (EASY!)

I saw a pair like these on the runway this past Fashion week and when Vic Styles texted me and said I needed to make them I just couldn’t resist! They look so complicated but are super EASY to make!…


How I Style My TWA: Wash and Go

I just recently started wearing my hair out since the big chop and I’m finally embracing my curls and my TWA. I wanted to share how I get my curls using only TWO products. Amen. Hallelujah! Also after filming I…


I Cut My Hair

Welp, you already know since I posted a couple post on my Instagram and blog already but I cut my hair! My hair was damaged and like other damaged things in my life I kept clinging to it. I had…


Girl Power

I know it happens, and I know I’ve been affected by it, but I’ve never been one to feel disenfranchised by being a woman or being black. I just won’t allow myself to feel that way. If someone doesn’t believe…


London Bound: Why I’m Moving

I keep saying I’m moving to London but really I’m just going on a fairly long visit. I spent a summer in London in college many moons ago and ever since I have never shaken the thought of going back.…


Fall With Modcloth

Ah my favorite season is here!! Fall! And I’m extra excited about it because it’s my first actual “Fall” since I’ve moved to LA. I’m on the East Coast and will get to experience Fall in all it’s glory. Layers,…


I’m Just A Girl In The World

 I’m learning to accept who I am in the moment of who I am….if that makes sense lol. Sometimes I feel pressure to be at a certain point in life or to be on a certain level but then I…


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