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Sponsored by Express There’s just something about a good pair of jeans. [dahz_framework_row][dahz_framework_column width=”1/2″] [/dahz_framework_column][dahz_framework_column width=”1/2″] [/dahz_framework_column][/dahz_framework_row] So apparently I’m extra guys! I’ve been told recently that how I style myself is more often than not more “stand-out” then the…


Costa Rica: Travel Guide + Tips

Oh Costa Rica!!! What can I say about this beautiful country! I know every time I go on a trip I say it’s the best one yet but this one seriously was the best one yet. I made sure to…


DIY: Ruffles For Any Shoe!

  Check out my latest DIY with Makeful at www.bemakeful.com Just a quick and simple DIY you can do on any shoe! Check out my series with Makeful! It’s about what else… Shoes! I’m making everything from slides to stilettos…


Lulus In Costa Rica: Part 2

I definitely tend to have a different style when I’m vacationing. Normally I’m more into muted colors, neutrals, and pretty simple pieces. But for some reason once I’m on vacation I’m all about color and prints! I also don’t like…


Lulus in Costa Rica: Part 1 Vacation Dresses

Whenever I am preparing for a special occasion whether it’s a wedding or vacation, Lulu’s is my go to spot for dresses! They have such a wide selection it’s almost impossible you won’t find something. Hence why I literally brought Lulu’s…


TEVA In The City

Sponsored by Zappos [dahz_framework_row][dahz_framework_column width=”1/2″] [/dahz_framework_column][dahz_framework_column width=”1/2″] [/dahz_framework_column][/dahz_framework_row] My trip home to Boston turned out to be much longer than anticipated. Sometimes I have FOMO of what I’m missing back in LA, but then I realize I should make the…


DIY: D&G Embellished Headphones

Decided to add some pizzaz to these boring headphones. I was very inspired by Dolce and Gabbana’s Tiara headphones. Give it a thumbs up if you like! SUBSCRIBE  Supplies: Headphones  Rhinestone chain Pendant  Black rhinestones Flat back pearls


Primark In Puerto Vallarta

Fun fact: I lived in London for a summer many moons ago when I was in college and my favorite part was the shopping! So I had actually heard of Primark years before they built their US stores. I love…


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