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Enocha Tellus

Summer in the Fall

Freaky weather we’re having here this weekend. 80 degrees in the the middle of October 😮 Knowing this place I wouldn’t be surprised if it snowed tomorrow! *knocks on wood. UO dress, H&M hat and bag, Aldo boots Ok well I guess I might as well enjoy one of our last hot days this season. […]

Last Day

Our last day of a super quick visit to NY last weekend. This cape is the warmest/coziest thing ever. One of many I’ve been collecting lately…  I know, I know, this bag has been following me around like a sick puppy dog lately. I always seem to be taking pictures when I’m traveling or during […]

Beyond the Lights

When you actually take time to walk around, you find the beauty in the little things in life. I walk around this city everyday and never admire all the amazing views it has to offer or the little corners or alleyways that have this charming quality to them. Photos by Usen Esiet Catherine Malandrino Sweater, […]


Took a quick trip to NYC this past weekend to shop and just have some time with my loves. I think I may be convinced on moving there this Spring. Dinner at midnight…Out til 4a.m…..only in the city that never sleeps. An old voice teacher once told me that everyone should live in NY in […]


The sweet feeling of the chains being lifted from your arms. The wind in your hair. The smell of satisfaction. A heavy heart lifted. Tomorrow comes and it’s as if you can conquer the world because you are finally free to feel and to be who you are….. I LOVE this sculpture. I’m so inspired […]