Pool Side

I have been looking for a high waist bathing suit for sometime now. Something about the modesty of showing less skin is sexier to me. Not that I ever aim to be sexy, I’m probably one of the goofiest humans. I mixed and matched this top and bottom from UO, originally I wanted to do all black but I actually like the accidental color-blocking better in hindsight. It’ll be another 2 months ’til I can wear one of these again. sigh*


 Someone please transport me back to laying out in the sun. Stat.

Photos by Daniel Andre

This top is sold out but you can find a similar top and bottom HERE in a variety of colors/prints.

Volcom top, UO bottom, Ray Ban sunnies


So I’m back in the cold and NOT ready for all the school work that lies ahead of me. 5 days went by way too fast but I am counting down the days ’til graduation! I’ve been going through all the pics we took during our trip and I know its been less than 24 hours but I’m already missing the sun. Hopefully it starts warming up around here soon!

Photos by Daniel Andre
Rayban sunglasses, Nom de Plume fringe vest, Vintage belt, UO tribal shorts, Alexander Wang shoes, Vintage jewelry


Being in this Florida sun makes me wonder why I live somewhere cold. No seriously. Why? Although I love my layers, it feels good to just walk outside with no jacket and not feel like you’re going to die. And something about being in the sun just makes you happier. No wonder us Northerners are so unfriendly! Our trip has been amazing so far and I can’t even explain how much I just needed REST. Can’t wait to live in sun year round.

Photos by Daniel Andre

ASOS top and jeans, H&M blazer, Boutique 9 pumps, Rhythm and Rhyme snake skin bag, Marc Jacobs watch, Patch NYC jewelry

Mandays | Dan Day

Today Mandays is featuring the birthday boy aka the man who helped me start this crazay blog and dealt  with all the sometimes headaches that come with it. Daniel Andre, Photographer extraordinaire, often referred to as “the boy” who many times was more excited about taking pictures then I was. We are currently in Florida celebrating his birthday and just enjoying the sun and MUCH needed R&R. And today we give him a day to be in front of the lens instead of always hidden behind. Happy Birthday or shall we say Dan Day! xo

 Danny is wearing a Kuhlman Jacket, H&M vest,  Zara Jeans, and Guess boots.

Photos by Me

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Snow Flowers

Finally the day when I am feeling better to start taking outfit pics again it snows! This is perfect timing as vacation is just two days away. bye bye snow! and hello sun!

Photos by Usen Esiet
 Zara sweater and leather jacket, Vintage palazzo pant, Rag and Bone boots

Oh yea Happy Leap day! I won’t do a post on this day for another 4 years!