Emily is here! Emily is here! My trip to London has been back to back visitors but I love it. My boo Emily is here and we are exploring different parts of the city and taking pictures along the way. Fun fact: Emily was my first friend in LA, we roomed together during a blogger trip to Magic in Los Angeles and 5 years later she’s one of my closest friends in LA.

On her first day we tried to see Big Ben just to realize it’s under construction. BOOO. How did I not know this? I’m literally walking around the area looking for it then I notice, “Oh, it’s behind all that construction!” I hope they finish it soon because it’s really an eye sore. Then we headed to the Nasty Gal X Boohoo Preview event which was walking distance away. It was nice and kind of odd to go to a blogger event in London. People seemed more into it then they do in LA and everyone’s style was just. on. point!

After we drooled at the pieces (seriously when did Boohoo get that cute?!) We headed to Oxford Circus (I know I know again) and did some shopping. We also grabbed a drink at Duck & Waffle to end the night. The Duck & Stormy drink if my fav!

The next day we said we would wake up early but I’m still so jet lagged that 11am feels like it’s the butt crack of dawn. I strugggllle in the mornings. It’s not even that big of a time difference, I don’t even understand why. We headed to Shorditch, I actually keep ending up there even though it’s not that close to me but I think I got it down to the best rout on the train. We wanted to go vintage shopping and heard there were good shops on Brick Lane so off to Shorditch we went.

We ended up being hungry so we made a pit stop to Ozone Coffee Roasters (thanks again YELP!) and had the most delicious food and drinks. Emily got a vanilla latte and I tried it and it was SOO GOOD. I don’t even like coffee so that’s saying a lot. I stuck to my tea, which they served extra fresh. Lemon ginger tea to be exact with actually fresh lemon and ginger seeped in a clear tea pot. This place is a must go to!

   After almost getting hit my cars multiple times trying to take pictures in the street finally headed to The Vintage Market on Brick Lane. THIS PLACE IS AMAZING. I used to love Beacon’s Closet in Willamsburg NY before they got all mainstream on me. It was my go to for vintage and thrifted clothes. I would shop there for hours. The Vintage Market brought me way back to my vintage days, it was such a dream with amazingly curated vintage pieces. I actually ended up realizing I’m not into vintage as I used to be but the little girl inside of me was soooo giddy in this place.

After trolling around some more we went back to my place to relax and then headed out later that night to meet my friend. Ok this is the second time I tried to go out in London on a Friday and got burned guys! Everywhere was packed and if you didn’t have a reservation they turned you away. This Brits go in. After being turned away by a bunch of places we found an Indian tapas restaurant called Dishoom that would seat us! After waiting about a half hour we were seated and the FOOD WAS SO GOOD. (Thanks again Yelp) I promise Yelp is not sponsoring this, they just win. After a few drinks and lots laughs we decided to bring are granny bums home. It was so nice catching up with my childhood friend who we met up with. I haven’t seen her in a while and we both happen to be staying in London these next months so I’m happy I have a familiar face from home to hang with while I’m here.

It’c currently 2:20 am and I’m writing a blog post, I’m so cool guys. But seriously, I’m embracing every part of this journey, so far London has been a blast. Emily is here one more day then we will spend the rest of her visit in Amsterdam, we’ve both never been so I’m sure I will have some entertaining stories.


Look 1: Lasula Jacket

Look 2: Bershka Sweater, H&M Pants, Thacker backpack


I saw my friend Chanelle post sweet potato hash on her Insta-stories as I was literally on my way to the grocery store so I decided to make my own recipe! I mentioned before that I basically grew up vegetarian and I noticed as an adult since consuming way more meat then I did as a child, I often feel tired, sick and bloated. So I’m trying to mimic my childhood diet by limiting my meat intake and cooking more vegetarian meals.

The recipe is super duper easy and I can’t believe how delicious it came out. I’m usually ok with eating healthy but sometimes you just suck it up cause it’s good for you and you don’t really enjoy it. This was seriously BOMB, I literally licked my plate when I was done. I loved it so much I wanted to share the recipe. If your looking for an easy, quick, healthy and DELICIOUS recipe this one is for you!

Directions (1 serving):

  1. Peel and chop 1 large sweet potato, add to a medium hot skillet with olive oil and water. Add salt and pepper and cover the pan to let the potatoes soften.
  2. Chop 1/2 of a small red onion and dice 1/2 half of a small white onion. Minch 3 garlic cloves.
  3. When the potatoes have softened about halfway add the onions and let them simmer (feel free to add oil or water as you go so it doesn’t dry out)
  4. Once the onions have softened a bit, add the garlic.
  5. When the potatoes are pretty much finished add 1-2 cups of fresh Kale. Add salt pepper and turmeric to taste. (Tumeric is SOO good for you, I try to add it in my food as much as possible, read it’s benefits here )
  6. Cover and let it simmer.
  7. Enjoy!

If you try this recipe let me know how you like it, I’m going to make it tonight again! lol

A Trip To The Grocery Store

So it’s funny how you can go to an English speaking country and feel like such a foreigner. Sometimes I don’t even want to talk so people won’t know I’ve infiltrated their country. After Sunita left, I decided to go grocery shopping so I could cook some food for myself. There are a bunch of small local grocery stores around me but I was on the hunt for the big one. I found the Sainsbury’s near me and it was only a 10 minute walk. After dragging myself up to finally go, I made the walk and this time I got a better look at my neighborhood.

I already knew my area was cute with local pubs and cafes but I didn’t walk beyond the tube station because I was with Sunita and didn’t want to subject her to walking around my neighborhood. Turns out my neighborhood is even cuter then I imaged! There are SO many more places to eat then I realized and more cute little cafes, banks (that I was actually looking for!) and the exact thing I needed, a large grocery store.

As I walked by all the sites admiring all the shop windows I reach the Sainsbury’s. I wanted to get a shopping cart but saw that they were chained. I watched a women take one so then I tried and nothing. It wouldn’t budge. A man comes over, I thought he worked there but turns out he was getting a cart, and I asked him to help me, so he tries and nothing. Then he says, “Did you put money in?” I look at him like “Oh shit” then I realized it cost one pound to take a cart…. Fail.

I went in to get change then realized the shopping baskets were free so I just took the path of least resistance and grabbed one. I don’t know why but I loved the set up of the grocery store it just seemed like everything was healthy and fresh (might be my bias since American food is so processed but it definitely just felt better for some reason) It’s also interesting that they have very few American brands in store, I mean why would they they are AMERICAN brands after all but I liked that I didn’t see all our crazy brands out there. And the ready made frozen food section was so tiny. They definitely aren’t eating a bunch of meals out of boxes, which I love.

They do have a ready made food section but its freshly prepared food in the fridge not frozen in boxes. My mom was super health conscious growing up, both my parents were vegetarian with the exception of certain fish. So I grew up eating like a vegetarian. I probably only ate meat once or twice a week. So I really appreciate when I can find healthy foods and fresh produce in the grocery store. After I got everything I needed, I checked out and the women asked me a question that I totally didn’t understand and I looked like a lost puppy (I still don’t really know what she asked) and then she instantly knew I was an intruder! lol

Overall I made it out alive to my first trip to the grocerry store. I made the most delicious meal that tasted SOOOOO amazing and I’m telling you I think its because they don’t put as much crap in their food as we do, everything taste sooo fresh. I’ll be sharing the recipe real soon!


A Duck and A Waffle

Yesterday I said bye to Sunita as she caught her flight back to New York. It was so fun having her here to explore the city and shop! I thought I would be overwhelmed having a guest so soon after arriving to London but it actually gave me the perfect chance to get used to a new city with company! I think if I was alone in this beginning stage of my journey I would have been very lonely and homesick.

On her last day we went shopping….again. I wonder if I’ll ever tire from shopping here. And then we headed to Picadilly Circus and listened to a street performer while the sun set. One YELP search later and we were having dinner at Duck & Waffle in Picadilly Circus. This place is so so good guys!  We had the Duck and Waffle (of course), Duck burger and Brussels sprouts. Everything was ridiculously good. I love using YELP to find places to eat especially when I’m in a new city. I seriously don’t know how I found places to eat before.

We talked for hours and 4 drinks later (I had the “Duck and Stormy” cocktail which was sooooo good) we headed to a spot near by called Caffe Concerto that had the most amazing looking pastries in the window. I realized I hadn’t eaten any sweets since being here which is totally out of character for me. One apple crumble later and a coffee and a tea, we closed down the place and headed home.

I had so much fun while Sunita was here and it was nice cause she didn’t really want to do any touristy things. Emily is coming tomorrow and I know she’s going to want to do all the touristy things so it really balanced itself out! We also have a trip to Amsterdam planned so I’m very excited for that!! Stay tuned!

Wearing: Missguided coat, Bershka sweatshirt