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Stop and smell the roses means so much more then pressing your noise against a colorful plant, the power in these words is so underrated. Stop and realize how precious life is, every day you are alive is a gift. Stop and count your blessing, no matter where you are in the journey of life you are blessed and its important to understand that. Stop and realize most solutions in life are simple, we just over think it and make it complicated. Stop and clear your mind of the clutter, take a break from social media for the day, sit in silence, meditate, worship, pray and pretty soon your life will constantly be full of roses….or sunflowers lol


Photos by Monica Henriquez

Wearing: Missguided floral jumpsuit (30% off with code ENOCHA30)


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Hey girl hey! So I have exciting news! For a WHOLE month I’ve partnered with Missguided to offer you an exclusive promo code! Just type in ENOCHA30 at checkout to get 30% off your entire order! (excludes sale items)

You know how much I love Missguided and their prices are already great anyway so getting 30% off is WINNING. Happy shopping! xoxoxoox

Wearing: Missguided crop top, Missguided vinyl skirt

Photos by: Stefanie Marie


This post is sponsored by ModclothJH2A3024

I truly believe fashion should be for everyone.missenocha modcloth

SHOP: Modcloth wide leg jeans

That’s why I love Modcloth. They not only have cute clothes that fit over my petite curves but they also carry sizes from xxs-4x, which is why I would say it’s definitely a “fashion for all” kind of brand! I have such a hard time with bottoms fitting me sometimes because my waist is so much smaller then my hips. Forget about any jeans that don’t have stretch to them! I was pleasantly surprised when I put these wide leg jeans on and they slipped right on with no major struggles AND they have no stretch! They are definitely jeans for curvy gurls *snaps*

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SHOP: Modcloth Floral jumpsuit

Also, this jumpsuit was so comfy I didn’t want to take it off! I wore it all day and even to dinner that night. Modcloth also can recommend items for your size on their mobile app and they have a style gallery where you can see real life customers wearing the pieces. This has to be my favorite part. Whenever I want to buy something I love online, I always try to see if I can find someone wearing it first on the interwebs so I can see how it looks on a real person. They also have in house stylist that can help you shop the site.

If you tend to have problems finding your size or fit, I highly recommend checking out Modcloth! Every style comes in an array of sizes so no matter where you fall on the spectrum you have the opportunity to wear everything offered on the site! It’s always nice to see brands promoting body positivity. No matter big or small, no one is perfect and Modcloth gives the opportunity for us all to feel fabulous.


Dear Diary, You Can Be Happy…

missenocha_2355 You can be happy for someone without being sad for yourself. The two are not mutually exclusive. I have so many friends hitting milestones in their personal lives that I thought I would be closer to by now but every time I think about how it makes me feel, I don’t feel sad. I feel happy for them, and hopeful for me. That was their timing and their journey and my path and journey are different. And when things align for me I know it will be perfect, all in God’s timing.


So if you thought you were supposed to be married right now with babies and a billion dollars. It’s ok that you’re not. Milestones come to you when they are supposed to and actually sitting around sulking makes them come even slower.


So everyday wake up knowing your milestone is coming soon. And smile about it.


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