Healthy Hair With Nature Queen

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I want to take a moment to talk about healthy hair. I have to admit, it has not been something I have been very up to date on. I know the basics, like sulfates and parabens are bad for your hair and that conditioners would put silicon in them to make your hair feel softer. But that was pretty much the extent of it. When it came to growing out my hair, I grew up with long hair  andI didn’t do much to it, it just grew (which is actually important). But because I didn’t really know a lot about how to grow healthy hair and it happen more or less on accident, when I did start to do more with my hair like cutting and dying it I had NO IDEA how to truly keep it healthy.


I had NO IDEA how to truly keep it healthy. 

I still believe in my principle that less is more. The less you mess with your hair the more it will grow. But the part I was missing was taking care of my scalp and being very mindful of the products I use. Not to say I was using bad products but I wasn’t mindfully using products to actually grow my hair in a healthy way.

In comes Nature Queen, an all natural shampoo and conditioner that is full of herbs promoting healthy scalp and healthy hair growth. It’s sodimm, lauryl, and sulfate free and the herbal extracts stimulate blood flow to hair follicles which reduces hair loss and promotes hair growth! It also adds shine and bounce to your hair and detoxifies it which prevents dandruff and environmental changes to your hair.

20170810_2770I’m so excited to start a new natural hair journey using Nature Queen to cleanse and condition my hair. I recently did the big chop so I’m on the road to my nice healthy curly afro I once had. Truthfully when I went natural 10 years ago I didn’t really take care of my hair so this time around I’m excited to see how long I can grow my hair while using products that keep it healthy and strong.

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Pinky and the Brain


You know what people don’t seem to do anymore?

DSC08793 DSC08804

Read newspapers!!! With so much information on the internet, I’m almost surprised newspapers are still around but I like the fact that there is still an intellectual quality to newspapers that can get lost on the internet. So much false information swirling around the interwebs but newspapers are held to a higher standard. You can almost always trust a newspapers facts as the publications have a lot more to loose if they spread false information.DSC08813 DSC08816

I’m a person that likes tangible things anyway. I like to turn the pages of a good book and I love writing things down on paper. I have millions of notebooks just full of things in the brain. It just feels like I really get it out if it’s written on paper rather than my phone. DSC08824 DSC08830

So what are your thoughts? Newspapers? Or are they outdated? I think I’m going to make it a point to read more of them.

Wearing a suit from Zara’s previous sale, Adidas sneakers, Zero UV sunglasses and a visor from Walmart.

On The Streets Of Costa Rica: San Jose

Enocha 008

Walking through the

streets of Costa Rica.

Diseño 3 Enocha 009

One of the greatest things to come out of blogging for me is meeting other creatives. As I travel I it has expanded to meeting creatives around the world and it’s so inspiring. There are a lot of pros and cons to social media but the truth is it does connect people. People who are worlds apart and would have never met had it not been for an Instagram DM.

Enocha 012

Enocha 014Enocha 010

So happy I had the pleasure of shooting with a local photographer during my stay in San jose Costa Rica. Naza was a pleasure to work with and she even gave us a little tour of the city and taught us some things we would have never known otherwise. So cheers to social media and making friends around the world.

Wearing: hat, Miss Pap jumpsuit