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Comfydence Under It All

Sponsored by Hanes The most important thing to me when dressing is what I’m wearing underneath my clothing. I hate the feeling of a tight bra or underwear that digs into you. I like it to feel as if I’m…


Rothy’s Jewel Tones

Sponsored by Rothy’s  This is a first time in a few months that I’ve spent more than a week in LA. and it feels good to sleep in my bed past 7 days. Being home doesn’t mean the work stops…


The Best Remedies For An Upset Stomach

SUBSCRIBE I’ve had a sensitive stomach my whole life. I’ve learned some remedies along the way to help with that. Seriously these remedies are lifesavers and help with so many stomach issues from bloating, to morning sickness, nausea and so…


How To Travel The World On A Budget

When I started traveling a lot, I didn’t really have the budget for it, but I knew if I kept waiting for this crazy lump sum, I would never go anywhere. If you aren’t an influencer like me where you…


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