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Teva At Hangout Festival

Recently I’ve gotten really into music festivals. I have to admit I didn’t really see the draw before but after attending a few I have to say they are SO FUN! Where else can you see so many of your…


Why I Feel Drawn To New Orleans

New Orleans was never a place I had an interest in visiting when I was younger. I met my boyfriend 10 years ago and he’s a born and raised in New Orleans. He had such pride in where he was…


Teva In The Bahamas

Sponsored by TEVA TEVA FLATFORM UNIVERSAL I feel so happy to work with brands that I actually love and Teva has become a brand that has grown on me FAST! They are the perfect shoe for traveling, so comfortable and…


How I Edit My Photos For Instagram

So many of you have been asking how I edit my photos so I decided to show step by step what I do. Leave a comment below if you have any specific questions about the process or if you try…


The Most Epic Day

This day started out like any other. Just a day running errands, visiting showrooms and a blogger event. But somehow it ended on a very epic note! SUBSCRIBE


The Best Sleep With Nectar

I never really understood the importance of a quality bed until I got older. When you’re younger you can usually pretty much sleep on anything so my cheap mattresses got me through basically all of college and my 20’s. I…


Desert Escape: Joshua Tree Acres

Off the main road in it’s only little space in the desert lies Joshua Tree Acres. The most genius idea I have ever encountered for a quick getaway. Behind a coded gate lies a group of airstreams that circle a…


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