Casino Style

20140828_0611While on vacation in Palm Srpings, we decided to hit the casino and try our luck. I’ll admit I’m  not the best gambler, not that I lose a lot of money but I don’t even put down a lot of money because of fear of losing it. And once I win, I cash out cause I rather gain a dollar than lose one lol….so no high rolling for me.

Anyway back to important matter of trying to figure out what to wear. Should I be fancy and decked out or just keep it casual? What do people where to casinos anyway? It wasn’t until I had to go to one I had really thought about it. And this isn’t The Bellagio people where Vegas attire is mandatory or where I can pretty much wear anything, so where does a Palm Springs casino rank?

I would say more on the casual side but I couldn’t help it and wore this dress from Tiaz Boutique anyway. But I paired it with really cute flat sandals so I was on the brink of casual and dressy. #bloggerproblems

(more on thus dress later)


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