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Fall fashion_8190 Fall fashion_8214As I’m posting this I am actually packing up to head right back to New York tomorrow. I’m going to celebrate my friend’s bday and am excited because it’s a surprise and he has no idea I’m coming. So I kinda hope he doesn’t read my blog cause then I just ruined the surprise lol

These Sole Society boots saved my life last weekend. I always forget how much walking you do in NYC and these are my only flat shoes at the moment. So when you see all those New York bloggers in heels, just know they are lying to you. OR taking a cab everywhere because you literally walk miles in a day in this place. It’s no joke. For somewhere so super health conscious like LA, I find it fascinating that you don’t walk nearly half as much as New Yorkers in a day.

Wearing: Zara jacket, River Island Skirt, Sole Society “Kiki” boot

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    Lovely layering of the scarfs x i have been a fan of your style for so long and i decided to take the plunge and comment today. you have such a chic sense of style and an inspiration to me 🙂

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      Enocha Tellus

      Haha welcome! I’m so glad I could help inspire you a little, that means a lot to me. xo

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    ‘These are my only flat shoes at the moment!’ – so cool :D!
    Your outfit looks so comfy yet super stylish! I like!
    xx Belinda

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    I just love this look. everything about the look is awesome. Gotta Pin it right away.

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    Love this layered look! I was born in NYC, and now live in CA, and I know that the photos I see of ladies in NYC in heels are LIES! 🙂 Even in CA I have to pack a pair of flats if I want to be comfortable. I completely forgot about Sole Society, I’ll have to check out their selection for fall/winter.

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    You make me wanna pull out my cowboy boots, I have 3 that I haven’t worn in years, I almost forgot about them lol

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    Love this look!!

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    You Layer like it’s nobodies business! Love the entire outfit. I just won a GC for Sole Society I may have to use it it and get these. I was aiming for a bag but I think I need these boots.

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    Really loving this look! I will be recreating this. Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

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    Hallie / c+c

    THAT JACKET IS ZARA? Running to the store immediately after work. Seriously. Love it (and how you styled it)!

    Hope you have a great weekend, lady. 🙂

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