Why New York Has A Special Place In My Heart

DSC00006  DSC00011DSC09897 DSC09915 DSC09929 DSC09995Every time I come to NY it reminds me of how much of a city girl I am. I was born and raised in the Boston area and lived in the city all throughout college. Taking the train and walking miles a day were second nature to me. Don’t get me wrong, I love LA but the city will always have a special place in my heart.

Here are a few reasons why I love NY.

  1. I LOVE WALKING – Everyday I was in the city I walked about 8 miles. That’s insane to think about. Yes my feet did hurt but I’m sure my heart is very happy. It’s like you don’t even need to work out as much living in the city with all the walking!
  2. FOOD STORES STAY OPEN LATE– There’s not many places you can order food at 3am! My greedy side is always very happy here.
  3. THERE’S SO MUCH ENERGY IN THE AIR– NY is always bustling with people. There is just an energy in the air that makes you want to get up and do things!
  4. SO MANY PEOPLE FROM DIFFERENT BACKGROUNDS-This is one of my favorite parts. It’s rare you’re going to go somewhere in the city and not see someone who looks like you. There are so many people from all walks of life everywhere you go. I just love it!
  5. THE HUSTLE IS REAL– It is all about the grind out here. That’s the East Coast in me that I love. People are about their business and they don’t mess around.
  6. EASY TRANSPORTATION– Although the weekend trains are poo (so many delayss) I love that you have the option to walk, take an Lyft, or just hop on the train in NY.
  7. SO MANY PEOPLE WITH STYLE– I love love love people watching in NYC, there are so many people with their own unique individual style it’s inspiring to see people express themselves through clothes, that’s the reason I fell in love with fashion in the first place.

What’s funny is that when I lived in Boston people asked me if I was from NY and when I lived in LA people asked me if I was from NY. I think it’s a sign. I’m so happy in NY, I’ve met so many friends here that it makes my experience when I visit that much more fun.




LOST AND FOUND: Making a Move

_MG_8330 _MG_8324 _MG_8319two _MG_8298 _MG_8295two

Confession: I’ve been feeling a little lost lately. Just out of my element and uninspired. I had to find a  new apartment but I just wasn’t feeling looking for one in LA. My sister is moving in January so I had like 4-5 months before I would be living with her. Which left me at a crossroads.

So it go me thinking….There’s a reason I’m feeling this way. There’s a reason I can’t shake living in London out of my mind. And sooooo, I decided to move to London for a little bit. I can’t explain it but I feel it in my soul to be there. I was prepared to know NO ONE and meet people as I am out there and come to find out my childhood best friend will be living there while I’m there! Coincidence? I think not!

So exciting for this new chapter and I’m already starting to feel inspired again. I love living in LA but sometimes God calls you elsewhere and you never know where that path may lead.

So here is to allowing yourself to feel lost and following your gut to being found again.


Photos by Monica Henriquez

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Stop and smell the roses means so much more then pressing your noise against a colorful plant, the power in these words is so underrated. Stop and realize how precious life is, every day you are alive is a gift. Stop and count your blessing, no matter where you are in the journey of life you are blessed and its important to understand that. Stop and realize most solutions in life are simple, we just over think it and make it complicated. Stop and clear your mind of the clutter, take a break from social media for the day, sit in silence, meditate, worship, pray and pretty soon your life will constantly be full of roses….or sunflowers lol


Photos by Monica Henriquez

Wearing: Missguided floral jumpsuit (30% off with code ENOCHA30)

Dear Diary, You Can Be Happy…

missenocha_2355 You can be happy for someone without being sad for yourself. The two are not mutually exclusive. I have so many friends hitting milestones in their personal lives that I thought I would be closer to by now but every time I think about how it makes me feel, I don’t feel sad. I feel happy for them, and hopeful for me. That was their timing and their journey and my path and journey are different. And when things align for me I know it will be perfect, all in God’s timing.


So if you thought you were supposed to be married right now with babies and a billion dollars. It’s ok that you’re not. Milestones come to you when they are supposed to and actually sitting around sulking makes them come even slower.


So everyday wake up knowing your milestone is coming soon. And smile about it.


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Dear Diary, Am I Doing Something Wrong?

DSC00293The truth is, working for yourself is extremely hard. I wouldn’t recommend it for the faint of heart. It’s a lot of rejection and you have to be in a constant state of determination when sometimes all you want to do is curl in the corner and cry. One thing I wanted to do this year was be more transparent with you guys and write more on this blog. So here we go…

I started blogging for fun, it was my “website” I didn’t know what a blog was at the time. I was primarily focused on my music career so I had always had a website for that. I just gradually started posting fashion pictures and basically the rest is history. Fast forward 6 years later and I took the plunge to fully commit 100% to blogging. To be honest I wish I thought of it sooner, I wished  l believed it in sooner but I didn’t. And sometimes I wonder if it’s too late?

I know it all looks glamorous on the outside, I look pretty, I wear nice clothes gifted by brands, but to be honest gifted clothes don’t pay your bills and I have struggles like anyone else. I suffer from anxiety because nothing is guaranteed for me I have to work for every penny. And I chose that life and deep down inside I love that life. But what do you do when you work so hard, and put your best foot forward and it seems like nothing is working?

I can’t say I don’t have days I don’t want to give up and get that steady paycheck again. Today is one of those days. Currently trying my hardest not to crawl into that hole but Lord knows it is hard. I’m going to keep going though, I’m going to keep praying, and I’m going to be open to a change.

It’s hard when you see people cheat their way to the top and it’s even harder when you know certain girls work more because they fit the stereotypical look this fashion world STILL upholds. I never ever like to play the race card but after years of this I’ve learned it definitely plays a factor. With that there are many things in life that don’t seem “fair” Im sure no matter what field you enter.

I start counseling today and I’m excited to try something new to help keep me going. My mom is a therapist and I grew up knowing the importance of it but never went. I urge anyone who struggles with anxiety, circumstantial depression or ANYTHING that alters your thoughts and behaviors to seek counseling. It doesn’t mean your weak, it actually means you’re strong enough to recognize you need help.

I’ll keep you posted on my journey and feel free to share yours, whats the point of an internet community if we don’t communicate? Even though I feel a little vulnerable posting this, I wanted to share with you. Especially to those who think people on the internets lives are so perfect. Trust me, you only see the highlight reel.

Thanks for reading and thanks for following along on this crazy 6 year journey.