L&T on Instagram

What you missed this week on Instagram….
1. My sequin pants debate.
2. New shoes ℅ Lulu’s
3. Brunching it up (my hair is getting too long, time for a snip)
4. Debating on these shoes from Zara. I ultimately decided to return them even though they were on sale. I’m trying to cut down on cost by only buying pieces I absolutely love. (we all know about my fashion A.D.D. after all)
5. Shopping at the Grove (contradicting point number 4 lol)
6. Being silly.
7. What I wore while exploring the neighborhood last weekend.
8. Getting some great products from Makeup Forever at Sephora.
9. Sneak peak of my shoot with Penelope’s Vintage. Can’t wait to show you the pics!
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Happy New Year! 2013

I hope you all had a fun and blessed New Year! I can’t believe another year has flown by and that this blog is only a little over a year old! Thank you so much for all the support and for following, it truly means the world to me. Here’s to an even more awesome second year for Locks and Trinkets and to everyone out there as well!!


Beauty Con 2012

Photos by Daniel Andre 
A few days ago I attended the first ever annual Beauty Con event hosted by B.F.V.A (Beauty and Fashion Vlogger’s Alliance) and Youtube at the new Google headquarters. The event was equipped with various companies, panel discussions, food, drinks and most importantly….cupcakes.
This year the event was only open to bloggers and press where we gained insight into the industry through a panel featuring Elle and Blair Fowler , Mary Darling and Leah Ashley, Andrea’s Choice, Liane Mullin, Carol Shaw the creator and owner of Lorac Cosmetics and there were a couple more but I can’t seem to find their names anywhere :-/ It was really interesting to hear their stories and how they became successful. I plan on sitting on a panel of my own next year some where out there. #markmywords
ALSOOO they informed us that next year Beauty Con will be open to everyone so that means you can attend as well!  I will be sure to keep you posted on any news I hear about the next years event. It’s definitely worth attending!

A New Chapter

I know I took a little hiatus from the blog while I was finishing up my last two weeks of grad school which entailed a really intense capstone project. Graduation was yesterday and I’m so excited to be starting a new chapter in my life. I will be switching coast soon but will continue to be everywhere per usual. Thank you so much for bearing with me these past two weeks and I can’t wait to get back to posting. Today I’ll take the day to take it all in. We made it and I can’t wait to see what the next year has in store!