Body image is everything lately and with everyone photoshopping themselves all over the internet I can imagine its a scary time to be growing up a girl in this world. Thank God it wasn’t like that when I was a kid. I never really had body image issues, I was always a skinny girl if anything I […]

4 Of The Best Workouts

Ok so I haven’t talked much about working out on my blog before, not because I don’t do it or enjoy it but because my life has been so crazy with surprises and moving around that I haven’t been able to stick to a routine.  Honestly, next year my plan is to seek stability, I’m ridding […]

The Journey

Lauryn, Chrisette, Erykah, Little Dragon, some people I’ve truly admired in music (and basically every 90’s artist). The way the industry is going it seems like music is dying I find myself everyday more and more uninspired to make new music until I went back recently and indulged in some GOOD music. It made me realize […]

Curly Hair

This post is sponsored by Target.So I finally got an excuse to play around with a curly look thanks to Target Beauty Box cause boy have I been lazy about switching up my hair! To create this look I used 4 products from the box. 1. Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil 2. Curls Crème Brulee Whipped […]