I’m on iTunes!

So blah blah blah Ive been talking about my music for years on this thing and if I could give you a play by play of my  life you would ask why I still pursue something that is just so hard to get into. But I do it for the LOVE bebay. Nothing makes me happier then being creative in my element.

Behind the scenes between work, blog, and life, I’ve been recording and planning and guess what? My new website has launched!



Also my songs are now on iTunes and Soundcloud and Spotify etc. So go listen and show some love. More to come and shows, lots and lots of shows! Thank you for riding along this crazy journey with me and watching it unfold. I wish I could tell you what’s in store but I kinda like not knowing!


Day 16: 4 Things To Remember When Pursuing Your Dreams



Currently going through ebbs and flows of navigating my new found freedom and of course doubting myself always seems to pop up. Not so much doubting if I can do it but more so just getting bogged down by how long everything is taking. Like shouldn’t I have been famous 10 years ago?! But its just a constant reminder to shift my thoughts to focus on how far I’ve come and not to always focus on not being where I want to be.

I know we hear it time and time again but it’s so important to be grateful for what’s going on RIGHT NOW in your life. Somewhere out there someone wishes they were in your position where you are right now in this very moment. So while your striving for greater remember you are still great right now. I’m fully aware I’m talking to myself in this moment too.

So I’ll take a minute to pat myself on the back for coming this far. I still have far to go but as long as I’m progressing that’s all that matters.

On that note I found an amazing article listing 4 things to remember when pursing your dreams. Check it out HERE.

Top Benefits of African Black Soap

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I was perusing the shelves of Walgreens when I saw that Shea Moisture (my favorite) has African Black Soap bars and bodywash.

I used to use an African Black soap bodywash gifted from a friend and I was obsessed with because it really healed my skin from damage I did to it. But then I ran out and was lazy about finding it again. I’m really good with my face but when it comes to my body, it’s really sensitive and scars easily and African black soap has been one of the few things to actually help with that. So of course I bought it.

It’s been trending now for a while but in case you didn’t know here are some benefits of African Black Soap:

  1. It improves the texture of your skin and tones it
  2. It cleans deep and helps with problem skin and acne
  3. It is my life saver for razor bumps and in grown hairs and dark spots (for me anyway)
  4. It has strong cleansing power yet is gently on the skin
  5. Can be used as shampoo (winning)
  6. Ideal for people with rosacea, rashes, dryness and other skin conditions ( I have chronic dry skin)

And so much more! In other words this soap is the bomb.com and I can’t believe I didn’t realize Shea Moisture carried black soap products ’til now. So excited I had to share immediately!

k bye

Day 1

20160328_1496I quit my job today….

Today is Day 1 of 100% pursuing my dreams and goals. Although I still will be phasing myself out of the position my freedom already feels like it’s back.

Let me tell you something. I have been contemplating this day for a few months now and the only thing stopping me was fear. It’s nice to have the stability of money but I’ve learned that money means less to me then happiness. WAY less.

I was miserable, complaining all the time, crying, full of anxiety and so so torn. I made it seem as though I had no options.

Then oddly enough while browsing Pinterest for work I read a quote that moved me. It said “Sacrifice for what you love or what you love becomes the sacrifice.” Deep right. Pause on that for a moment……….

I’ve been half pursing my singing career and half pursuing my blog and therefore unknowingly was sacrificing my goals for a steady paycheck and money worries.  But then I wasn’t even performing well at my job because honestly it’s just something I didn’t want to do.

Sooooo. Here leaves me Day 1. Let’s see how many days it takes to see my goals come to fruition now that I can give them 100% effort. Clock starts now.

Cheers to looking fear in the face and beating it down. I will not let you win. Game on.








20160311_9912Body image is everything lately and with everyone photoshopping themselves all over the internet I can imagine its a scary time to be growing up a girl in this world. Thank God it wasn’t like that when I was a kid. I never really had body image issues, I was always a skinny girl if anything I would get made fun of for how skinny I was growing up. Up until my mid twenties, I hadn’t even gained more than 100 pounds my whole life. (I was a big baby, 9lbs!)

But then I got hips and booty and….a gut! And I had to actually think about my body image because I choose to post it all day everyday for the world to see and for the first time I started to think about my body and COMPARE it to others (yikes!) It’s actually not a great feeling at all and I can understand why people become ill and obsess over body issues.

This world is seriously so judgemental its hard to not get caught up in all of it. But then I look back and say: A. Im still tiny. Even if I weren’t that would be ok but how silly do I sound complaining about anyting with my body. and B: WHO CARES. If Im happy and healthy then I need to not stress about a little stomach roll and if I have a major issue then the gym is always there waiting.  I was hesitiant to post these pics cause I thought about all the things I want to fix on my body but my goodness how silly that sounds now that I’m typing it out loud. lol

Embrace your bodies ladies. While your complaining about this and that someone out there is wishing they looked like you, never forget that.