Best Green Juice EVER! (Recipe)

So this is pretty much the tastiest green juice ever. I know it’s only technically one green involved, but it’s a great option for a green juice beginner! Thanks to my good friend Courtney for putting me on to this drink!

Ingredients: (for one full glass of juice)
3 cups kale
1.5-2 apples
1 orange
1-2 inch block fresh ginger

(The order doesn’t matter.)
1. Cut orange in half. Squeeze and set aside.
2. Peel apple and cut around the core throw away core and juice remaining cut apple
3. Take the kale off it’s stem then juice only the leaves
4. Peel a portion of the ginger however big you would like and add in juicer. (ginger is very spicy so add according to your tolerance)
5. Add orange juice
6. Stir and adjust to taste
7. Once it’s where you want it. Pour and enjoy!

Acme Supreme Juicer:

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Chain link (similar)

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