DIY: Pearl Heel Boots

Pearls are still on my mind apparently. Wanted to try making a pair of boots with with pearl heels but you can try this with any chunky heel shoe. See how I styled them below.


String of Pearls (4-5 packs)
Sugru (10 packs)

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enocha12 enocha11enocha13

Wearing: SubUrban Riot top, Akira denim jacket, DIY heels

DIY: Rose Heels (Valentine’s Day DIY)

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

I was feeling the love so I thought up these Rose Sandals. They are perfect because they don’t look TOO festive and can be worn any day!

See how I styled them below….


Aluminum Roses
E6000 glue

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Wearing: Missguided jacket, DIY heels

VALENTINE’S DAY HACKS – Easy Valentine’s Day DIYs (3 in 1)

It’s fun to be festive and instead of wearing super obvious “festive” pieces I thought it would be cool to just hack some things already in your closet to give them a little bit of LOVE (get it?)

First hack: Sexy Lips 
1. Old jeans
2. Lips iron on patch

Second hack: Red Ribbon Laces
1. Lace up shoes
2. Red Ribbon

Third hack: Heart Shoe clips
1. Any stiletto shoe
2. Heart shoe clips

DIY: Buckled Boots

So I really wanted a pair of boots with buckles on them so naturally I decided to make them! This is another DIY where it’s removable so that you can still wear your shoes as is too! If you really want them permanent you can go ahead and glue them on but I loved the boots so much I didn’t want to fully commit so now I can wear them both ways! See how I styled them below.




Matching fabric:

Fabric Scissors:

Glue Gun:

Glue Sticks:

2 Buckles:

Stretch Band “aka’ Elastic:

E71B7008 E71B7143 E71B7068 IMG_6947 IMG_6999E71B7325

Wearing: Missguided fur coat, Akira top, DIY buckle boots