TEVA In The City

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My trip home to Boston turned out to be much longer than anticipated. Sometimes I have FOMO of what I’m missing back in LA, but then I realize I should make the best of my time home. My favorite part of being from a city like Boston is that I get to walk! Every time I come home I realize how much I miss just walking everywhere, to the store, to work, to dinner, or for no reason at all!

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DSC08182 [/dahz_framework_column][/dahz_framework_row]DSC08120When I went out to explore the city a bit, I decided to take my TEVA sandals out for a spin. I have never worn TEVA sandals before so I wasn’t sure what I was in for. They turned out to be the best walking shoes ever! So ridiculously comfortable. In my old age (I kid I kid) I’ve been valuing comfort more and more so anything that allows me to feel good but still look cute I am all for! DSC08186 DSC08222 DSC08233Sometimes when you’re walking around the city you don’t even realize how many steps you’ve taken or miles you’ve walked. The other day I walked over 15, 000 steps and the crazy part is I didn’t think about my feet one time. I can’t wait to bring my TEVA sandals on vacation with me in a couple weeks. I’m going to Costa Rica and it’s going to be a lot of exploring and a lot of walking. I hate wearing closed toe shoes in the heat so I feel like I’m getting the best of both worlds with the TEVA sandals. Shoes that can handle the outdoor adventures and are also comfortable and stylish.

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DSC08258[/dahz_framework_column][/dahz_framework_row] has so many different styles of TEVA sandals it was hard to pick which ones I wanted and I wasn’t sure what size to get. But thankful for their easy¬†shipping and return policies that made the decision a little easier to make since it’s so hassle free. You have 365 days to return an item, I mean if thats not super stress free I don’t know what is. I love online shopping but I only shop at stores that have fast shipping and easy return policies. But I definitely wont be returning these sandals as I’ve already been wearing them everyday since I got them!

Shop the red TEVA Sandals

Shop the gray TEVA sandals


Business As Usual: Unique and Chic Blazers

_MG_1298 _MG_1334 _MG_1363 _MG_1373So in love with blazers with a unique silhouette. That seems to be the theme as of late and I keep finding really different standout blazers so I wanted to share a few with you. I’m currently collecting way too many one sleeves tops at the moment but hey!

Wearing: Missguided blazer


Jeweled In Windsor





Wearing: Windsor Gold Bra, Windsor Gold skirt

Lulus Vacation Dresses in Tulum

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It’s no secret that if you’re looking for a dress one of the top places to shop is They always come to the rescue for me whether I need a dress for a wedding, birthday party, Vegas, or in this case for vacation. Lulus vacation shop had so many cute dresses I didn’t even know where to start. When I go on vacation, I feel like my style changes a bit. Normally I’m more edgy, but when I’m getting ready for a tropical vacation, all I want to wear are flowy dresses and bathing suits and cover ups. It’s too hot to think about what to wear everyday so just pulling on a dress is perfect.



Wearing: Lulus floral maxi dress





Wearing: Lulus off the shoulder striped dress


Wearing: Lulus striped maxi dress





Wearing: Lulus wrap around swimsuit: reversible top, reversible bottom



I loved that these dresses could be taken from day to night as well. I wore the off the shoulder one to the club one night when we decided to see what the Tulum nightlife was about. Needless to say we couldn’t hang as many clubs closed at 5 am and we made it ’til about 1am. But the dress was perfect for dancing the night away.

I have a few more trips planned in the coming months and I can’t wait to raid Lulus vacation shop again so see what they have in stock. They really helped me feel fab and channel my inner senorita on this trip.

‘Til next time Tulum!

Boxer Style

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The one time your leave your house looking like your ready for the biggest match of your life.

Wearing: Missguided duster, Public Desire boots, Missguided socks