Unusual Layers

IMG_1605 IMG_1633 IMG_1640 IMG_1651 IMG_1659 IMG_1670IMG_1702 IMG_1684 IMG_1696
You know when you have an outfit in your head and you just NEED to make it come to life. Well this was me the other day. When I got this super cut off sweatshirt from Windsor, I knew I wanted to pair it with a corset. I bought this corset for $5 on Amazon and it’s pretty much perfect. Just like that, my outfit was complete!

Photos by @missblizzers

Wearing: Corset via Amazon, Windsor sweatshirt, Ego Official heels, Zara palazzo pants

Manière De Voir

JH2A0400JH2A0342JH2A0394 JH2A0352 JH2A0353 JH2A0362 JH2A0381 JH2A0385 JH2A0386

Wearing: Manière De Voir ribbed top, Manière De Voir ribbed leggings , Public Desire boots , Missguided denim jacket

…Like Liquor

_MG_1181 _MG_1140 _MG_1107 _MG_1092 _MG_1081It’s starting to feel a little too warm in Socal to where things like this so I’m milking it while I can.

Wearing: Missguided sweatshirt, Missguided satin joggers, Public Desire boots

Something by Sonjia

_MG_0926 _MG_0943 _MG_0950 _MG_0959 _MG_0965 _MG_0992 _MG_1035I love supporting black owned businesses and most importantly I love supporting friends. Sonjia is a very talented designer from my hometown Boston and we met through a mutual friend. I absolutely LOVEEE her style and her designs so much that I knew I wanted to feature some pieces on my blog. I mean…isn’t this dress LIFE?! She was also on Project Runway and Project Runway Allstars cause she’s cool like that. I just live vicariously through her cause if I was clothing designer she would be goals!

Something by Sonjia dress, Missguided boots

One Shoulder

IMG_1046 IMG_1054 IMG_1066 IMG_1067 IMG_1069 IMG_1107 IMG_1109 IMG_1117 IMG_1130 IMG_1136 IMG_1169 IMG_1175I remember when one shoulder shirts were everywhere! Now you barely see them. I thought I would channel my inner tweens and try one out for old times sake. Would you wear a one shoulder shirt? yay or  nay?

Also so in love from this furry bag from my boo Carmen’s collection. She is sadly going to be discontinuing them soon so get one while you can!

Wearing: Nakd top, Nakd jeans, Public desire boots, She the Collection bag