Oh Thanksgiving, you are non existent in this distant land I chose to rest my head and it’s a little strange. As you all know Thanksgiving is strictly an American holiday (the whole origin of Thanksgiving makes no sense to me but that’s for another time) so here in London it was just an ordinary day. There were a few places here acknowledging Thanksgiving and we even stopped by a restaurant a couple weeks ago that was offering a Thanksgiving menu which I found extremely odd, but overall it does not exist here. I honestly thought I would have more FOMO being without family on this day but I guess I haven’t been home for Thanksgiving in a while anyway so it didn’t feel that weird.

But what really made up for it is that my friend from childhood is here and I was able to meet up with her and her grad school friends to have our own little Thanksgiving dinner. Eleven of us sat around a large table in the back of an Italian restaurant in South London and we drank wine, laughed, and ate really good Italian food. Surprisingly it really kind of felt like Thanksgiving. At the end of the day, the holiday has turned into people enjoying other peoples company, being thankful for what they have, and eating delicious food, and I did all of that.

Afterwards, we headed to my friends place and played Cards for Humanity which is wild inappropriate and also my new favorite game! At the end of the day it felt nice to know that I’m not completely alone out here. I’m not going to lie, the homesickness keeps creeping in and out but I’m still happy with my decision and enjoying each day I get to spend here.

On a slightly different note, North Shore Animal League America is offering free pet adoptions for the weekend! I had to share because this is the most meaningful Black Friday “Deal” I’ve encountered. So if you’ve been thinking about adopting. Now would be the time! Follow this link to find a participating shelter near you!




Today was….rainy. I mean we knew it was going to be like that already but man oh man Amsterdam you sure are wet! We had our whole morning planned. Emily had to take photos in the hotel so we were going to wake up super early, get some hotel shots while the lobby was empty, then head out to meet one of Emily’s insta-friends who lives in the Netherlands. Welp, that plan went to crap. We waaay overslept. The hotel bed was so comfortable I think our bodies were like, “nah, were not getting up!” So after waking up 3 hours later then planned, we rushed to meet her friend an hour late (sorry!).

Emily’s friend is also a blogger,  @adashoffash, so of course she picked a very insta-worthy location. We met her at The Corner Bakery which is known for their epic milkshakes. This shake had whipped cream, sprinkles, marshmallows, and a donut on top. It’s for sure probably the amount of sugar you should intake in a week not a day but it was too cute not to try! But honestly that wasn’t the best part of this place, Amsterdam wins breakfast, we had the red velvet pancakes here and O.M.G. those things were LIFE. So so so so so so good. I wish I could bring them with me back to London cause Lord knows their breakfast is very…shall we say…”meh.” I feel like we’ve been eating on eating on eating. I kind of can’t wait to go grocery shopping and cook for myself again but I’m definitely enjoying all the amazing places we are trying during our travels.

After brunch we headed to The Red Light District. This is probably the most infamous thing about Amsterdam and we were not leaving without seeing it! Prostitution (among many other things) is legal in Amsterdam and The Red Light District is the area where you go to find them. It’s a very touristy area with bars and restaurants and nestle in between are essentially brothels and the women stand in the window enticing men to come in and “play.” The women don’t actually live there, they basically rent the room out to work their shift. I don’t know why I’m fascinated by this, I’m fascinated in general by the idea of legal prostitution but Amsterdam takes it to the next level because these women are willingly doing it. In fact they try their best to crack down on anything otherwise. The city has people who search the houses to make sure the women are ok and that everyone has all the required permits.

How do I know this you ask? Well while walking around the red light district we stumbled upon the Museum of Prostitution and decided to check it out. It was SO informative and gave a real inside view of prostitution in Amsterdam with first hand narration from a working prostitute. They treat it like a job as if any of us would our own job. I do think it says a lot that there are no male prostitutes. I think it’s because it wouldn’t bring in enough business?? What is it with men and these sexual desires? They see on average 2,000 clients A DAY! Just ONE house of the many prostitution houses. I’m floored.

But the most interesting part about Amsterdam is that even with legal prostitution and the fact that most drugs are legal there, they still have dramatically less crime, drug, and sex trafficking problems then America and many other countries and that’s the part that really fascinates me.

When we left the museum we took the 15 minute walk back to the hotel and at that point we were drenched. I’m so proud of us for thuggin’ it out in the rain, we even took pictures and everything. Nothing was gonna stop us from enjoying this trip!

We ended the night with dinner at the hotel restaurant Jansz we were craving something hearty so we both got burgers and they were bomb ( I know I know). We only have a short day here tomorrow as we fly back to London but I’m so glad we squeezed Amsterdam into this trip. I actually really love this city and hope to visit it again sometime in the future!


Strolling Around the City In Sorel

Sponsored by Zappos

I know I say this all the time but whenever I am home my absolute favorite thing to do is to walk around the city. I could walk for miles and miles. These Sorel booties are actually a popular shoe I would see people wearing when I used to live here and I didn’t understand all the fuss until I tried a pair out for myself. BEST FALL/WINTER SHOES EVER! They are perfect for the changing weather, kept my feet warm, and are also super comfortable.

In LA I don’t pay too much attnetion to the comfort of my shoes beause you  barely walk there. But whenebver I am visiting home (Boston) or in NY that’s all I think about. These boots would also be perfect for anytype of Fall winter getaway, Big Bear anyone?!

I have to admit because most of the time I’m usually dressed up, I ususally have nothing to wear when I just want to be casual and comfortable but still cute. I’m so happy that I got to try these shoes. They are literally the best shoe for navigating the city in the Fall and Winter.


Zappos is also becoming my new favorite place to shop because of the fast free shipping and variety of shoes to choose from! So if your planning a cabin getaway or need a good pair of boots for Fall/Winter weather. I highly suggest heading to Zappos and trying out their Sorel boots.

Wearing: Sorel Slimpack II Lace Boots


A Rainy Day with Merrell Footwear

Sponsored by Zappos

It seems as though we had be cursed. Every time we planned a day for apple picking with my nieces and nephews it RAINED. We would switch it to the next week and it would say clear skies up until the day of, and then guess what? RAIN. And so the latest time we chose to go we got all the kids in the car, drove over, and as soon as we parked….RAIN!!!!

We were already at the farm so we decided to at least see the animals and get some hot Apple Cider and apple cider donuts. When it came down to a drizzle I managed to get some shots of my Merrell boots via Zappos. They were the perfect boots for the weather. I actually was racking my brain on what shoes I could wear apple picking that wouldn’t get ruined by the mud and grass and these boots were perfect.

They were unfazed but the conditions and kept my feet perfectly dry, comfy, and happy. And I love shopping at Zappos because the shipping is FREE and super fast! I’m all about free shipping, I’m the girl that will let go of everything in my cart because of 7.99 shipping lol.

Anyway, we made the best of the rain and the kids got to adventure a little. Hopefully when we reschedule this time it won’t rain. Prayinnngggg. lol

Wearing: Merrell Chateau Tall Pull Waterproof boots via Zappos