How I Styled Alexandre Birman DIY Heels

diy-shoes-alexandre-birman-clarita_20150824_0984 diy-shoes-alexandre-birman-clarita_20150824_1016diy-shoes-alexandre-birman-clarita_20150824_1049 diy-shoes-alexandre-birman-clarita_20150824_1056 diy-shoes-alexandre-birman-clarita_20150824_1088 diy-shoes-alexandre-birman-clarita_20150824_1099These DIY shoes are a little more subtle than my other ones but I really like that about them. I paired them with my favorite sleeveless coat and dress that are on serious heavy rotation. See the tutorial on how to make the shoes HERE.

Wearing: Missguided sleeveless coat, Missguided dress, DIY shoes

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