How I Styled: Pom Pom Heels

boohoo-weareusa-pom-pom-heels_20150608_1890boohoo-weareusa-pom-pom-heels_20150608_1900boohoo-weareusa-pom-pom-heels_20150608_1954boohoo-weareusa-pom-pom-heels_20150608_1909boohoo-weareusa-pom-pom-heels_20150608_1951boohoo-weareusa-pom-pom-heels_20150608_1972Ok this should be the last of the pom pom overload….for now. These shoes are so fun to wear, I just realized doing these DIY’s is going to make my shoe closet CRAY but I’m addicted now and can’t stop. ‘Til next week.

Wearing: Zara blazer (old), Urban Outfitters jeans, DIY heels, Zero UV sunnies

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