Having all my family on the opposite side of the country is hard sometimes and I always knew once we had a kid we would have to have a dual baby shower and prob dual everything! So while we were home for the holidays, we took advantage of everyone being around to have our East Coast Baby Shower.

Since we’re having two baby showers, we wanted to stay on small budget so we decided to DIY the shower and decorate everything ourselves and have family cook the food.

I preferred family to cook anyway because I never get to eat real Haitian food on the west coast so I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity. I was a ver happy camper.

Cake by Konditor Meister
Cake Pops and Onsie Cookies by Katiuska Calderon
Wood Cupcake holder
Gold “Baby” Balloon
I’m not sure why we’re making these faces lol
Posing with my nephews. We decided to have a make shift photo booth by getting this backdrop we just put up on the wall and props and just using our camera and everyones iphone cameras to take pics. It’s a cheap easy way to get a photo booth look!
My two brothers, sister and sister in law
My parents
My friend Courtney who was my roommate in college and also Danny cooked her dinner on our second date ever since it was at our apartment and Courtney was home. We all ended up sitting having dinner all together! lol
One of my oldest friends Jenna. Friends since high school and my travel buddy!
Loved our simple rustic theme.
Wearing House of Chic LA dress

My sister made up games during the shower, we ate, laughed and enjoyed each others company. It was a simple rustic themed baby shower and it came out lovely. We will have a West coast one with friends in LA closer to our due date but it was so nice to have my family come together and celebrate the baby!

My brother and sis in law were nice enough to let us use their home!

Such a fun day! Can’t wait to do it all over again in LA!

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