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Palm Springs Love

IMG_3464_0084 IMG_3470_0092 IMG_3478_0098 IMG_3479_0100 IMG_3497_0119 IMG_3516_0137 IMG_3530_0151Seriously this view is everything. I’m all about scenery lately and California never stops giving it to me. My family is planning a trip here soon (can’t wait!) and my mom keeps talking about staying in Palm Springs. I keep telling her it’s a hike from LA but she’s determined for a getaway. One week in Palm Springs one week in LA and I don’t blame her. I actually might crash her little getaway cause I’m thinking I need a good excuse to get back to this Palm Springs beauty.

Wearing: Grayson top, Levis cutoffs, Cocobella sandals, ASOS hat, Rayban wayfarers


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