Roadtrippin’ With Mitsubishi

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The only thing about leasing a car that sucks in the limit on your mileage. I don’t drive a ton but lately I don’t what I’m doing cause my miles have been racking up! When we decided take this trip to Palm Springs, I knew I didn’t want to drive my car seeing as I had just driven to Palm Springs two weeks prior. So in perfect timing Mitsubishi let me borrow their 2016 Lancer to try out for my trip!

I never thought about a Lancer before but after test driving it for 5 days I have to say i was pleasantly surprised. It drove really smooth, it had a touch screen and I actually was a fan of the body which had a sporty vibe. And it’s a really affordable car! If you’re in the market for a car shoot me a message and happy to answer any questions!

Wearing: Missguided top, Akira bottoms, Adidas slides

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