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Silence The Noise


If there’s one thing I’ve learned in this world is that everyone’s got an opinion. And everyone has a right way you should do things (usually theirs) And everywhere you turn you’re hit with opinions, suggestions, and sometimes even demands. But I’m learning to call all that NOISE. I’m starting to vision a lot of noise around me while I lead my own clear path through it. Like a tunnel if you may. Because in the end I will regret decisions I made because of other people’s opinions, suggestions, and demands and I MUCH rather regret a decision I made following my gut (which most of the time you won’t) Then to theoretically have someone to blame. And this goes for little and big decisions because you’d be surprised how many decisions that seemed “little” in the forefront consequently end up turning big. It’s my life and my actions mostly affect ME so why not make decisions based on MY own opinions. So excuse me while I silence the noise.


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