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20140717_missguided-palm-print-jacket_6386Everyone keeps asking me when they are going to hear my new music and trust me I’m just as eager to show them as they are to listen but if there’s one serious thing I’ve learned this year is patience. As much as I want my music to come out NOW along with everything to follow I know there are steps that need to be followed before the fun part starts. My favorite saying is that “chance visits the prepared” so I rather spend time getting prepared for the madness then putting out a half ass record. And even though sometimes I feel like I keep blabbing about how I’m a singer and I’m working on my EP and no one has heard anything I have to know that when it’s ready it will be a final product I am proud of and I really  think you all will love it as much as I do!

But ’til then you have my 30 Second Songs to hold you over. lol

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