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Sunday Stroll

Sunday was the perfect weather for a stroll around Harvard Square. Something about the culture of this place makes me wonder why I never attempted to live here. Between the festivals the shopping and the cute cafes I’d never have to leave my backyard.

Stole this puffer vest from my dad, perfect for the cool breeze. I love raiding closets and finding random things you would never think to wear. I practically live in my grandma’s closet! lol

The boy was so excited when we came across Border Cafe and they had some Louisiana style cooking (where he’s from). He ordered crawfish etouffee and said it wasn’t too far off from home. It was my first time tasting it and I loved it too. I have a feeling were going to be eating there alot now!

LL Bean Puffer vest, All Saints jeans, Michael Kors leopard heels

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