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20140828_0550 20140828_0571 20140828_0582 20140828_0584 20140828_0597 20140828_0611 20140828_0614 20140828_0622 20140828_0637Being in Palm Springs brought out the color in me. Everything is so bright and clean there that it just made me want to dress that way.  Now that Fall is approaching I see myself gravitating back to neutrals but it was a fun summer run in colors.

On another different yet similar note, I’m realizing I hate summer dressing. I feel so uncreative and just so hot I don’t even care what I’m wearing and dressing becomes a chore. I’m so excited for the weather to cool and layering.

Wearing: Tiaz Boutique dress, Steve Madden heels via lulus.com

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