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Thigh High

20160315_0051 20160315_0063 20160315_0067 20160315_0073 20160315_0106 20160315_0107There’s something I don’t talk a whole lot about on this blog and that’s my Haitian background. It’s not on purpose I guess I just never really had a reason to bring it up. But it is something I am proud of–having a culture that I can connect with. I’m East Coast where Haitians are in plethora but over here in California they are…welll scarce. So it was a pleasant surprise to not only find old friends from back home living here AND recently meeting new friends with my same background.

I wore this dress on a night out with them enjoying Haitian food, music, dancing and laughs. Suddenly, I felt at home.

Wearing: Tobi dress, Tibi heels (love these ones)


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